Dave Kleiber is a former Anchorage, Alaska Police Officer and Colorado Police Detective with two decades of law enforcement experience. He also held a concurrent28 year career in the U.S. Army / Army National Guard, with over a decade of service with U.S. Army Special Forces units, including combat tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom I and II. Dave is now the owner of and primary instructor for Kleiber Training Solutions LLC.

Dave has been endorsed as an expert witness in the subjects of firearms design, firearms training, ballistics, and criminal investigative procedures. Dave has taught Criminal Investigative Procedures and Firearms at the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy. Dave has provided firearms training and firearms instructor certification since 1999 at the police academy level as well as to sworn officers at the State and National level. He is an expert in police firearms training and tactics, SWAT tactics, and firearms instructor training. He has been a member of the Colorado POST Firearms Subject Matter Expert Committee, creating policy and providing guidance and oversight to Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academies as well as providing input and recommendations at the State level for legislation concerning police training.

Dave was determined to be 60% disabled by the Veterans Administration from his years of service and combat tours. As such, Dave has acquired an intimate understanding of the VA system, the benefits due to veterans, and the pit falls that can be encountered.
As a Police Detective, Dave has solved all manner of cases, from homicides, missing persons, financial crimes, and international based frauds and scams. Dave has become a regional expert in the investigations of sexual assaults, with his skills and knowledge in demand as a trainer about investigating sexual assaults and the creation of sexual assault response teams.

During his law enforcement career, Dave was assigned to the FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force and was deputized as a U.S. Marshall as a member of the U.S. Marshall’s Fugitive Task Force. Dave has an extensive amount of real-world experience finding people who do not want to be found.