Dave has a depth of real-world firearms experience equaled by only a few of his immediate peers. Whether teaching police academy recruits, veteran police officers, police SWAT officers or Special Operations Soldiers across the globe, our teaching philosophy and style gets immediate results. The lessons we have learned in combat and in law enforcement are practical and applicable to you. Contact us for group instruction, or personal one-on-one training that is tailored to your specific needs.

Dave has been endorsed as an expert witness in Firearms Design and Function, Firearms Training, Ballistics, Sex Assault Investigations, Criminal Investigations, and Law Enforcement Training.  Put Dave’s extensive experience, knowledge, and training in your corner!

National Guard Recruiting Assistance Program (G-RAP)

Dave has become a nationally recognized expert in defending wrongfully accused soldiers associated with GRAP. Dave’s investigations and expert testimony has lead to dismissal of criminal charges, acquittal at trial, positive outcomes at Government debarment hearings, and positive outcomes for administrative hearings regarding security clearances, promotion boards, and retention boards. Dave has been endorsed as an expert witness in State and Federal court regarding proper law enforcement investigative techniques and practices, as well as the institutional failings of the Army Criminal Investigation Commands’ Task Force Raptor’s investigations into GRAP cases. If you have find yourself on the wrong side of a GRAP investigation, you need Dave Kleiber in your corner.

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Our law enforcement background provides us the knowledge and experience to uncover the truth. We are experts at identifying reasonable doubt. We know that witnesses make mistakes and facts can get out of order. If you have been accused of a crime, you want to have a criminal defense investigator assigned to your case.

We specialize in all types of civil investigations. We work hand in hand with your attorney or we can refer an attorney that specializes in the specific needs of your case. We have numerous years of courtroom experience and case preparation.

We are intimately familiar with the Uniformed Code of Military Justice; both criminal and non-judicial punishment. We understand the implications that UCMJ action can have on a person’s military career.


As a disabled, combat veteran, Dave has personally experienced the frustrations of working within the Veteran’s Administration system.   Let us use our knowledge and experience to ensure that you receive all the rights and benefits to which you are entitled.

We have an extensive amount of first-hand experience evaluating, resourcing and executing physical security plans in some of the most remote and dangerous regions of the world. Let us utilize our experience to help bring you piece of mind.

Physical Site Security Plans
Surveillance Systems
Computer/Electronic Security


We offer legal support services to law firms, businesses and individuals. We have the ability to quickly and efficiently serve summonses, subpoenas or any other legal documents.


We know you want timely, accurate and reliable information to make informed decisions. Our customized services will provide you the answers you need to hire the best! We will provide:

Criminal Records Checks
Financial History
Reference and Credentialing Verification
Resume Verification
Driver’s Records/Licensing