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April 22, 2024 – April 26, 2024 all-day
Highlands Ranch


April 22-26, 2024 

Highlands Ranch, CO

Course Description:

This 40-hour, Carbine Instructor Certification course is designed to provide law enforcement firearms instructors thenecessary skill and knowledge to develop and operate a law enforcement carbine program for their agency.Students will learn how to develop and maintain a carbine program, operate training ranges, diagnose shootingerrors then make sustainable corrections in other shooters.


The student will develop the ability to instruct: 

Legal and appropriate use of force decisions, Appropriate set up and accessories for the carbine, Weaponsmaintenance, Fundamentals of shooting, Proper zeroing, “Combat” shooting techniques, Use of variouspositions and cover, Efficient weapons manipulation, Malfunction clearances, Understanding wound ballistics,Tactics and techniques for fighting with the carbine, Extended range shooting, Low light / night techniques, andUse of optical sights.


Students must be a current sworn Law Enforcement Officer and completed a basic handgun / firearms instructor certification, and a carbine / patrol rifle operator certification


Students should expect a fast paced and physically active learning environment that will include running, kneeling, and quickly assuming various unique shooting positions


Students must pass the KTS Carbine Qualification course to successfully graduate


Required Equipment:

Carbine w / tactical sling and light                                                       1500 rds carbine ammo

Duty handgun / holster                                                                      100 rds handgun ammo

Binoculars or spotting scope                                                               5 dummy rounds

Hat, electronic ear pro, eye protection (sunglasses and clear eye pro)  3 or more magazines

Flashlight and Weapons mounted light (carbine)                                 Sharpie marker

Shooting mat (optional)                                                                    

  Laptop (class materials will be provided via Drop Box)


The training staff is comprised of individuals who have a wealth of experience as instructor trainers and utilizing theseweapons in real world situations; from police patrol duty and police special weapons teams to military Special Operations conducted in the War on Terrorism.

 Dates: April 22-26, 2024

To Register Contact:

Jeff Sanchez

POST GMTR Coordinator



For More Information Contact:

Dave Kleiber

Kleiber Training Solutions

(970) 846-8588


Range Location:  

Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Facility

6001 Ron King Trail, Littleton, CO


Equipment Requirements:

The use of compensators or muzzle brakes ARE NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  Factory A2 or military “birdcage” style flash suppressors, or three or four-prong flash-hiders are permitted. Suppressors are encouraged.  Blast forward devices such as the Surefire Warden are approved, but these devices must direct ALL gas forward and in line with the barrel and remain in place throughout the training.  Any muzzle device possessing ports, holes, etc. that let gas escape in any direction not directly forward and in line to the barrel will NOT BE ALLOWED under any circumstance.  There will be zero tolerance for equipment that does not meet this requirement.  If you are unsure, then error toward the side of standard military flash suppressors.  This requirement is designed to reduce the debris, hearing damage and concussive effect inflicted upon the person to the left and right of you on the firing line.  Registering for this class implies that the student understands and will comply with this requirement.  Course tuition will NOT be refunded if a student is removed for violating this requirement.