HG Red Dot Instructor CMTR Pueblo Sept 2024 @ Pueblo Training Facility
Sep 11 – Sep 13 all-day


Date:  September 11-13, 2024 

Location:  Pueblo, Colorado


Course Description (24 hours):

The student will obtain the skill and knowledge to instruct other law enforcement officers in the use of electronic red dot sights as a primary sighting instrument for their duty handgun.  Students will obtain the knowledge to instruct students with red dot sights in a Colorado POST academy as well as develop and implement a red dot sight transition program andan in-service training program for their agency. This course has been reviewed and approved by Colorado POST for certification to teach in Colorado POST Law Enforcement Training Academies as well as the use of POST training grant funds.



Learning Objectives:

·       Understanding the Red Dot Sight

·       Equipment Available

o   Guns

o   Sights

o   Holsters

·       Presentation / Draw

·       Recoil Management

·       Low Light / Flashlight Issues

·       Emergency / Alternative Sighting

·       Maintenance

·       Zeroing

·       Diagnose and correct shooting errors

·       Program Development             

o   Transition Training

o   In-Service Training               

o  Maintenance


Student Must Provide:

·       Duty handgun w/ red dot sight

·       1500 rounds handgun ammo     

·       5 handgun dummy rounds

·       Duty belt / holster / 3 magazines

·       Hat, electronic ear protection, eye protection (including clear eye pro for low light training)

·       Handheld flashlight

·       Notebook / Pen / Sharpie Marker

·       Lunch / Water  

·       Rain / Cold Weather Gear

·       Lap Top Computer * (class material will be provided via Drop Box)

Note: Students should expect a fast paced and physically active learning environment that will include running,kneeling and quickly assuming various unique shooting positions.


The training staff is comprised of individuals who have a wealth of experience as instructor trainers and have utilizedthese weapons and sights in real world situations; from police patrol duty and police special weapons teams to military Special Operations conducted in the War on Terrorism.


Course Dates:  

September 11-13,  2024

Class times may be amended due to range restrictions and or time of year

Day 1                    0800 – 1700

Day 2                    1300 – 2200 

Day 3                   0800 – 1600


Pueblo Police Department  

Cost: $575 by check, $650 by credit card

Contact / Registration Information:

Dave Kleiber

Kleiber Training Solutions 

P.O. Box 772401

Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

(970) 846-8588





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