July 18, 2022 – July 21, 2022 all-day

Law Enforcement Designated Marksman Course



All students must:

            Be currently employed as a sworn law enforcement officer

            Have completed a basic carbine / patrol rifle operator’s course



All students must successfully:

            Demonstrate safe weapons handling skills throughout the course

            Attend all 24 hours of training

            Pass the known distance qualification course

            Pass the unknown distance qualification course

            Pass the written test



  1. Firearms Safety
  2. Use of Deadly Force
  3. DMR rifle set up
  4. Zeroing
  5. Mils vs. MOA
  6. Range Estimation
  7. External Ballistics
  8. Terminal Ballistics
  9. Public events considerations
  10. Extended range shooting
  11. Close quarter shooting
  12. Shooting exercises
  13. Qualification



Upon completion of this training, the student will be able to correctly perform the following skills and demonstrate the necessary knowledge to instruct these skills to others.

  1. Know and demonstrate the 4 Firearms Safety Rules and display safe firearms handling at all times.
  2. Understand appropriate use of deadly force.
  3. Understand appropriate set up of the DMR rifle.
  4. Understand and demonstrate how to properly zero the rifle
  5. Understand and demonstrate how to accurately estimate range
  6. Understand and demonstrate various shooting positions
  7. Understand considerations for deployment of the DMR officer in rural and urban environments.
  8. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of lower profile and barricade shooting positions and explain and demonstrate the procedures for correctly assuming, shooting, and recovering from each.
  9. Understand and demonstrate extended range shooting skills to include:  range estimation, bullet drop, effects of wind, moving targets
  10. Understand and demonstrate close quarter shooting techniques.
  11. Successfully pass the known distance and unknown distance qualification courses
  12. Successfully pass the carbine instructor written examination 

 Contact Dave Kleiber at (970) 846 8588 for more information.