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March 24, 2021 – March 26, 2021 all-day
Cameo Shooting and Education Complex
Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 3934 I 9/10 Rd, Palisade, CO 81526


Colorado Parks and Wildlife 

Course Description:

Designated Marksman training is not sniper training, nor is it a patrol rifle class. This 24-hour course is designed to bridge the gap between the limitations of the patrol rifle and a trained sniper. In today’s law enforcement environment, a responding patrol officer may need to engage targets beyond distances commonly associated with a patrol rifle, and there likely will not be time to wait for a SWAT sniper to arrive. This 24-hour class will provide the training necessary for officers to competently engage targets at extended distances utilizing a slightly enhanced carbine / rifle. Successful graduates will know how and when to deploy the weapon effectively and safely and be able to identify and engage targets at distances up to 400 yards. Students should expect a fast paced and physically active learning environment that will include running, kneeling and quickly assuming various unique shooting positions.


• must be a current sworn law enforcement officer

• completed carbine / patrol rifle operator certification


The student will demonstrate knowledge of the following subjects:

• DMR rifle set up

• use of optical sights

• zeroing

• long range shooting techniques / unconventional shooting positions

• range estimation / holdovers

• external ballistics / wound ballistics

• environmental effects and considerations

• tactics and techniques for deploying the weapon at extended ranges

• CQB techniques

• low light / night considerations

• moving targets / lead computation


Rifle – A designated marksman rifle should fill the role of a patrol rifle but also possess the ability to accurately engage targets at extended distances. The standard AR15 / M16 is perfectly acceptable with a few modifications.

The rifle and ammunition should be capable of shooting 2 MOA or tighter groups. A free floated barrel and a trigger pull weight of about 4 lbs. is ideal. It should employ a variable power scope with a magnification no higher than 6x and must be capable of true 1x on the lowest setting. Fixed power scopes of 3x to 4x are acceptable.

Attached bipods can be useful but are not required.

Ammunition – 5.56 mm 55 gr. training ammo will suffice for this course. The student may want to provide heavier bullets as they will likely hold tighter groups at extended ranges.

Suggested ammo:

• 5.56 – 68 gr to 77 gr

• 7.62 – 168 gr to 175 gr

• 300 Black Out – 110 gr to 125 gr

Student Must Provide:

-Rifle w/ optic / sling -Shooting mat (optional)

-Duty belt / holster / handgun -Spotting scope or quality 8x binoculars

-600 rounds rifle ammunition -Hat, ear protection, eye protection

-50 rounds handgun ammo -3 (or more) magazines

-Tactical vest (optional) -Flashlight

-Sniper bean bag (rear rifle rest) -Range finder (optional)

-Sight tools and or multi-tool -Day pack / mid-sized backpack


The training staff is comprised of individuals who have a wealth of experience as instructor trainers and have utilized these weapons in real world situations; from police patrol duty and police special weapons teams, to military

Special Operations conducted in the War on Terrorism. 970-846-8588