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August 17, 2020 – August 21, 2020 all-day

Course Description:
This 44-hour, POST-approved Carbine Instructor Certification course is designed to provide law enforcement firearms instructors the necessary skill and knowledge to develop and operate a law enforcement carbine program for their agency. Students will learn how to develop and maintain a carbine program, operate training ranges, diagnose shooting errors then make sustainable corrections in other shooters. The student will develop and practice the ability to instruct: appropriate set up and accessories for the carbine, weapons maintenance, fundamentals of shooting, proper zeroing, “combat” shooting techniques, use of various positions and cover, efficient weapons manipulation skills, malfunction clearances, understanding wound ballistics, tactics and techniques for fighting with the carbine, extended range shooting, low light / night techniques, and use of optical sights.

Course Prerequisites: 
•Student must be a sworn Law Enforcement Officer
•Completed basic handgun/firearms instructor certification
•Completed carbine/patrol rifle operator certification
August 17-21,2020 Evans, Colorado

to Register:Contact Dave Kleiber970-846-8588 Cost: $750.00