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January 25, 2021 – January 29, 2021 all-day
Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Training Foundation
6001 Ron King Trail, Littleton, CO 80125

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Course Description:

This 44-hour, POST-approved Carbine Instructor Certification course is designed to provide law enforcement firearms instructors

the necessary skill and knowledge to develop and operate a law enforcement carbine program for their agency. Students will

learn how to develop and maintain a carbine program, operate training ranges, diagnose shooting errors then make sustainable

corrections in other shooters. The student will develop and practice the ability to instruct: appropriate set up and accessories

for the carbine, weapons maintenance, fundamentals of shooting, proper zeroing, “combat” shooting techniques, use of various

positions and cover, efficient weapons manipulation skills, malfunction clearances, understanding wound ballistics, tactics and

techniques for fighting with the carbine, extended range shooting, low light / night techniques, and use of optical sights.

Course Prerequisites:

• Student must be a sworn Law Enforcement Officer

• Completed basic handgun/firearms instructor certification

• Completed carbine/patrol rifle operator certification

Student Must Provide:

o Carbine w/ tactical sling

o Duty belt / holster / handgun

o 1000 rounds carbine ammunition

o Tactical vest (optional)

o 200 rounds frangible carbine ammo

o Shooting mat (optional)

o 200 rounds handgun ammo

o Binoculars or spotting scope

o 5 dummy rounds

o Hat, ear protection, eye protection (both sunglasses and clear eye pro)

o 3 (or more) magazines

o Flashlight

o Weapons mounted light

o Notebook and pen

o Laptop computer if available *

*all classroom materials will be provided on a computer thumb drive. Students will need a laptop computer to view the materials

Students should expect a fast paced and physically active learning environment that will include running,

kneeling and quickly assuming various unique shooting positions.


The training staff is comprised of individuals who have a wealth of experience as instructor trainers and utilizing these weapons in real

world situations; from police patrol duty and police special weapons teams, to military Special Operations conducted in the War on