Designated Marksman Course, Cameo, CO
    Nov 11 – Nov 13 all-day

    Course Description:

    Designated Marksman training is not sniper training, nor is it a patrol rifle class. This 24-hour course is designed to bridge the gap between the limitations of the patrol rifle and a trained sniper. In today’s law enforcement environment, a responding patrol officer may need to engage targets beyond distances commonly associated with a patrol rifle, and there likely will not be time to wait for a SWAT sniper to arrive. This 24-hour class will provide the training necessary for officers to competently engage targets at extended distances utilizing a slightly enhanced carbine / rifle. Successful graduates will knowhow and when to deploy the weapon effectively and safely and be able to identify and engage targets at distances up to 400 yards. Students should expect a fast paced and physically active learning environment that will include running, kneeling and quickly assuming various unique shooting positions.